Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Search

Ok, I know this outs my nerdness, but it's just cool. I've known Google was working on it, but I had no idea of its power until last weekend, when I was doing some research on a Greek word and really needed to check its use by Herodotus. Seriously. I warned you. Anyway, I was having trouble with Perseus (long story) and Ι was desperate. I typed in "Herodotus" and "σκῆπτρον" (it didn't find the word I needed, but I knew this one was used with it--not perfect, but still cool). It brought up the reference I needed--to the paragraph--and highlighted. Amazing.

It's a rare day you need a word like that, BUT imagine trying to find a quote, or a famous line. OR imagine tracking down a primary source. And you'll be amazed at how much material they already have online. Many things with expired copyrights are out there as usual, but there are just as many newer books either being allowed or ignored. For you theologians, there is a surprising amount of biblical material (think of those old commentary citations you've wanted to track down--like Baur and Schlier). Of course, a lot of it is German!


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